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# d2evs.net docs
# [d2evs.net](https://d2evs.net) 

TODO: write documentation
d2evs.net has many services. These services all comply with the open definition,
none will gather any personal information (aside from server logs).

<!-- TODO: have a better privacy policy -->

Here you will find a list of services, along with a short summary and links to
more extensive man pages.

Note: an asterisk (\*) by the name of a service indicates that you must email
d2evs.net administration at [ee@d2evs.net](mailto://ee@d2evs.net) for an

## Sourcehut \*
d2evs.net hosts a sourcehut instance, a project management and version control
hub.More in-depth documentation and tutorials can be found at

## Mail \*

d2evs.net hosts a mail server, accessible through both a webclient and
IMAP/SMTP. The webclient is accessible at <https://mail.d2evs.net>, and IMAP and
SMTP are available on d2evs.net:993 and d2evs.net:587 respectively.

<!-- TODO: once we've switched to a colo'd VM host with mail.d2evs.net in its
own VM, update the IMAP/SMTP hosts to be mail.d2evs.net -->

## IRC

d2evs.net hosts an IRC network, along with a webclient therefore. You can find
Eyal Sawady and Evan Johnston, the maintainers of d2evs.net and opers on the IRC
network, as ecs and bok/etj respectively. The
[gamja](https://sr.ht/~emersion/gamja) webclient is accessible at

<!-- TODO: update this for NickServ et al after we set those up -->

## Soju \*

d2evs.net hosts an instance of [soju](https://sr.ht/~emersion/soju/), an IRC

## Mumble

d2evs.net hosts a Mumble server. [Mumble](https://www.mumble.com/) is a FOSS voice
chat protocol; it uses a server to coordinate voice calls. Add to your
server list to connect. 

## The Lounge  \* [DEPRECATED]

d2evs.net hosts an instance of The Lounge, an IRC webclient with an integrated
bouncer. This has been deprecated in favor of gamja. If you require a webclient
with a bouncer, contact <ee@d2evs.net> and we'll set up a webclient for soju.

## Pleroma \* [DEPRECATED] 

d2evs.net hosts an instance of Pleroma, a FOSS social media hub. This instance
is deprecated; email [ee@d2evs.net](mailto://ee@d2evs.net) for more information.