weechat: only use one color for other peoples' nicks
prompt: add trailing space

Looks better without color, eg in pastebins
weechat: fix multi-downstream
eiger: update pkgs
Add a license
Improve ls alias
weechat: update
export EDITOR=nvim

Fixes crontab -e
sway: add moving to ad-hoc workspaces
foot: update eiger.ini
qb: enable cookies on *.local
tinyproxy: disable proxy for *.local
foot: add bell=notify
weechat: add oftc
qb: update for v2.0
prompt: append "#" on root shells
bin/status: update
qb: remove proxy = http://localhost:9052

It's the default cause of HTTP_PROXY et al
bin/upload: s/echo/printf/
bin/upload: s/==/=/
bin/upload: fix setting XDG_CONFIG_HOME