bin/xdg-open: fix false positives on xkcd.com
sway: add mic mute button
weechat: update config
nvim: set shortmess
eiger: add cousine fallback

It has a monospaced Hebrew font
weechat: add irc.esper.net
less: set -X
export LESS=-R
weechat: disable CTCP VERSION

Fuck off
profile: move hexenkopf-specific bits out of base

And switch to sway for now.
bin/report: fix rounding of hours

freenode => libera.chat

So long, and thanks for all the fish
pmbootstrap: update for hexenkopf
qb: switch to ddg hidden service
sway: add monitor screenshotting
bin/sudo: fix
Move history to ~/var/log
weechat: move lag after input field
weechat: alias b -> buffer
hexenkopf: new computer

A Pinephone running pmOS with sxmo
.gitignore: update