Drop fediverse account
Minor updates to Apple article
illegal.gmi: initial commit

Fuck IP law so much
feed: s/https/gemini/g
Switch to the blessed feed format
proxy: trim trailing slashes
Update gmnisrv config per new meaning of root

This has been in prod for a while, I just forgot to update it here
More minor fixups
Minor fixups
oglaf.sh: initial commit
xkcd.sh: more minor improvements
xkcd.sh: fix caching on /random
Add proxy link and gmnisrv config
Add random, first, and last links to xkcd.sh
Add xkcd.sh

Uses https://git.sr.ht/~ecs/hq
Remove HTTP support

I now serve https://ecs.d2evs.net using kineto.
Apple sucks and I'm tired of it
Improve selfhosting language
Add gemini support

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