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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Play chess from the comfort of your IRC client.

No effort has been made to support anything but my use-case. You will need to adjust server, port, name, path, and urlpfx, figure out how to join it to your channel, and potentially rewrite paste().


  • .chess new: start a new game
  • .chess move : perform said move, irchess will keep track of white/black and yell at you if it's not your turn
  • <algebraic notation>: if a game has been started, perform said move
  • .chess draw: call a draw by threefold repetition or 50 moves without capture or pawn movement, the draw will automatically be called at 5 repititions or 75 moves
  • .chess draw propose: propose a draw by mutual agreement
  • .chess draw accept: accept a draw by mutual agreement
  • .chess draw deny: deny a draw by mutual agreement
  • .chess resign: resign
  • .chess print: pretty-print the board state into the relevant channel, beware flood
  • .chess paste: pastebin a pretty-printed board state, PGN game history, and FEN board state