QMK layout for my keyboard
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#ecs's qmk layout

Clone qmk_firmware and put this repository in qmk_firmware/keyboards/crkbd/keymaps/ecs, then run ./flash.

This layout is for a handwired Corne keyboard I built with ~evantj

Picture of my keyboard

The case is 3d-printed, the model is available at https://git.sr.ht/~evantj/handwiredCrkbdCase.

#Build instructions

A semi-coherent ramble that approximately details how I built my keyboard, please send a patch if you have improvements.

  • Get 2 Arduino Pro Micros, 42 mx style switches, 40 1-unit keycaps and 2 1.5-unit keycaps, a TRRS cable, 2 PJ-320A jacks, 42 diodes, some wire, headers, and a USB to Micro USB cable.
  • Print the case.
  • Stick headers in the case, solder the headers that come with the Arduino onto it, and put the Arduinos in the case.
  • Put the switches and keycaps into the holes in the case, the 1.5-unit keycaps go on the innermost thumb keys.
  • Wire up the matrix. I wired the diodes along the rows, gray band away from the switches, wired together on the other side of the diode from the switch.
  • Friction-fit the headphone jacks into the holes in the case, use glue if the fit isn't good enough. Wire one pin on each jack to power, one to ground, and one to the TXO pin. You must wire the same pins to both sides, or bad things will happen.
  • Wire the rows to the bottom 4 pins on the left side of the Arduinos, with the bottom row wired to the bottommost pin and the topmost row wired 3 pins above that.
  • Wire the columns to the bottom 6 pins on the right side of the Arduinos, with the column closest to the Arduino wired to the bottommost pin and the farthest column wired 5 rows above that.
  • Plug the TRRS cable into both 3.5mm jacks, plug the left side into the computer with the USB cable, run ./flash, wait for it to compile and flash the left side, unplug the left side and plug in the right side, wait for it to flash the right side, and unplug and replug the keyboard. Repeat this step each time you update the layout.

#People who have built this keyboard

  • ecs

Send a patch adding your name if you successfully build this.