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# up-blog: A flexable, modular, ssg and template system.

## Dependencies:
 - nvim
 - scp (soon to be moved to rsync)
 - shell 

## Installation: 

I havn't gotten around to writing an install script, so the user is responsible

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## Usage:

To use the templates / script:
### To upload existing files or update for changes

		$ up-blog 

This will use the templates to update everything in the input folder

### To create a new post


		$ up-blog 'article name'

Where 'article name' is the name of the article you wish to upload. 
This will create a new head file and html body file named 'article name', put
them in input, open vim to edit them, and then run the update script.

## Back-End:
This script works by putting together a series of files which will make a