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#up-blog: A flexable, modular, ssg and template system.
# up-blog: A flexable, modular, ssg and template system.

## Installation: 

I havn't gotten around to writing an install script, so the user is responsible
for the following:

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 - (Optional) putting your logo in the blog directory named 'logo.png'

## Usage:

To use the templates / script:


$ up-blog 'article name'
		$ up-blog 'article name'

Where 'article name' is the name of the article you wish to upload. 

## Back-End:

This script works by putting together a series of files which will make a
single webpage. It takes the '.head' files and the '.html' files from 'input',
combines them with templates from the 'templates' directory, and sends them to
the 'output' directory. The script then uploads the files in the 'output'
directory to the given hosting service.